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Fleet management is an industry term used in reference to a broad range of solutions for vehicle–related applications that help companies manage their fleets of commercial motor vehicles, such as cars, vans, trucks, and buses.

  • Track route progress in real time
Loadester lets you manage routes for trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, and more. Instead of manually calling drivers to see where they are, Loadester lets you instantly track vehicle location, route progress, and late or missed stops.
  • Trip History
Analyze trip data for vehicles in your fleet. Identify driver trends to improve upon, and increase driver and trip efficiency. By monitoring key metrics, you can preemptively coach driver behaviors, helping increase safety and productivity.
  • Time on Site
Optimize time spent at each location. With visibility into how your drivers are spending their days, you can quickly flag unauthorized or inefficient activity. Maximize miles-per-gallon by training drivers based on their driving habits.
  • Vehicles
Optimize your field services with real-time vehicle locations, prevent breakdowns by monitoring engine diagnostics and fault codes, and cut costs by reducing idle time. Educate drivers on costs associated with idling to improve your bottom line.

Fuel and maintenance

Analyze data and achieve more with Loadester’s fleet optimization. Loadester’s dashboard and reports deliver rich, real-time information about your vehicles, putting you in full control.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Diagnostics
Proactively spot issues such as failing batteries and engine fault codes through over-the-air vehicle diagnostics. Avoid road breakdowns and quickly identify vehicles in need of service to protect vehicle health and extend vehicle lifetime.
  • Driver efficiency score
Improve fleet efficiency by monitoring driving patterns, with a configurable weighted score for driver behavior such as idling, speed, cruise control, coasting, torque, anticipation, and RPM. Coach and incentivize your drivers to improve their driving habits and reduce your fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce Costs With Better Fuel Management
Take control of your fuel economy and reduce overall spending with Loadester Fuel Reporting. Visibility into fuel trends helps identify inefficient or abnormal activity. Get Fuel Reports daily, weekly, or monthly, directly in your inbox, and monitor vehicle performance, true idle time and improve your fuel efficiency.


    Loadester gives both fleet managers and drivers clear, detailed driving behavior reports. Everyone is empowered to take action, before, during, and after each trip, encouraging greener and safer driving.

    • Assist in safer driving
    Run a more efficient fleet by comparing driver and vehicle analytics to see where the issues may lie. With better visibility into your vehicle’s health, you can prevent costly repairs and provide more reliable service to your customers. Improve driver safety using in-cab feedback and video-based coaching. Reward safe practices like defensive driving to increase driver retention.
    • Improve ROI
    Get the data you need to coach your employees so you can shape them into safer drivers. You can pull up detailed histories for each driver to look for trends and track training progress. Rewarding drivers based on performance can help you attract and retain the best talent in the business. Make safety a competitive advantage. An effective fleet safety program saves lives, money, and time.
    • Track speeding trends and improve over time
    Identify risky driving practices like distracted driving and measure changes in your safety culture over time with driver scorecards and trend reports. Monitor vehicle speed and harsh driving events. Uncover ways to prevent accidents and increase driver safety. Use data to keep the roads safer and decrease long-term maintenance costs. Reduce the chances of an accident and help lower fuel consumption by tracking speeding trends.
    • Make it easy to reward and incentivize safety
    Align your fleet’s culture and incentives around driver safety. Be transparent about driver rankings, build data-driven rewards programs, and show evidence of exoneration to get buy-in across the team and ensure driver retention.

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