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Because when you are closer to your drivers, everyone can make smarter decisions

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At Loadester we provide a high-quality Fleet manager tracking system at a market-leading price, making it very cost-effective for your business. Loadester Fleet Manager provides live monitoring of your vehicles enabling you to improve your driver’s behavior, customer service, and overall performance of your fleet.

Loadester offers unparalleled customer service, industry expertise, and knowledge all at competitive rates. With 24/7 operational health checks and reporting, easy flexible contracts and payment options, and the ability to employ any combination of functions to suit your exact requirements – you will not be disappointed with Loadester’s Fleet Manager.

One of the things we pride ourselves in is making sure that as a business owner you can trust in your drivers every day. But how do you fully know what they are doing behind the wheel and could you be making changes that would improve their driving performance?

At Loadester we help our customers to get closer to their drivers. Everything that we do is driven by this single, simple principle – because when you are closer to your drivers, everyone can make smarter decisions.

This belief, combined with our continuous innovation, our drive to put the customer first in everything we do, and our relentless focus on quality and reliability has made us one of the leading players in vehicle telematics and fleet management.

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Track everything

Analyze trip data for vehicles in your fleet. Identify driver trends to improve upon, and increase driver and trip efficiency. By monitoring key metrics, you can preemptively coach driver behaviors, helping increase safety and productivity.

Fuel and maintenance

Take control of your fuel economy and reduce overall spending with Loadester Fuel Reporting. Visibility into fuel trends helps identify inefficient or abnormal activity. Get Fuel Reports daily, weekly, or monthly, directly in your inbox, and monitor vehicle performance, true idle time and improve your fuel efficiency.


Loadester gives both fleet managers and drivers clear, detailed driving behavior reports. Everyone is empowered to take action, before, during, and after each trip, encouraging greener and safer driving.


We work hard, with humility and we see our hard work rewarded in tangible ways every day. You’ll have the chance to make a difference for the drivers who keep our world moving. At Loadester, we’re motivated by the opportunity to impact and improve every facet of the industry that touches everyone’s lives.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to work on something meaningful and measurable. The work we’re doing is having an impact on an entire industry and we’re looking for thought leaders, game-changers, and rule-breakers who are ready to step outside their comfort zone and help solve the complex problems Loadester is tackling.

We’re early leaders in an under-served space with big potential. Our ability to innovate depends on fresh perspectives and inclusivity. We trust each other to do great work and have seen that together we can achieve collective goals that reach far beyond ourselves.

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