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Frequently Asked Questions

How can using driver analytics help change driver behavior?

Using driver analytics empowers fleet managers to provide effective coaching to drivers, then track their improvement.

How can we keep our drivers out of trouble?

This is one of the most significant difficulties for fleet companies or any fleet manager out there. Making sure that drivers are following secure driver behavior can be challenging, especially when fleet managers are hundreds even thousands of miles away from the moving vehicle.

What kind of tools help me with keeping my drivers out of trouble?

There are a lot of valuable tools fleet managers can use like dash cams or vehicle tracking systems which produce real-time clarity into an otherwise remote vehicle and present data or elements to implement into driver education.

Should I be using Loadester?

Whether you own a fleet of 10 or 1000 vehicles we at Loadester will assist you to put all your fleet management in check. Be it vehicle maintenance or vehicle fuel management, even all the way to driver habits we got you covered. If you have more questions send us an email at [email protected]

How can I make my fleet more reliable?

To make sure your drivers are reliable, fleet managers need to know precisely where specific vehicles are at any given moment. Even though this might seem easy, tracking vehicles’ location can be a challenging feat even if it involves 10 vehicles or 1000. Fleet managers normally rely on GPS technology and other GPS tracking systems to know where their vehicles are and improve clarity into their fleet operation and vehicle safety.

What are the advantages of fleet management?

Managing a fleet of vehicles usually can be really challenging no matter what size the fleet is. That’s why above 75% of fleet managers often depend on fleet management software or vehicle telematics to assist day-to-day operations in at least some of their vehicles.

What is the most reliable fleet management software?

Loadester is a system that can help your business improve in safety, quality, and efficiency of your fleet operations with internet-connected software. From shipping to logistics to vehicle preservation, Loadester’s fleet management system can support you to stay compliant and streamline your fleet operations.